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So, you want to live where you know that your children, small or big, will have the best opportunities for a great education?

The GreenHouse Group School Zones & College DistrictsThis is one of the elements that San Diego is the best in the country at (dare we say the world :).  Our Elementary, Middle, High, Charter & Private Schools, Community Colleges and Universities are world-renowned, award winning, and just flat out impressive [corroborating these claims on 3rd party ranking sites such as or, just to name a few of the many, is also a good idea].   From the perspective of where you live, this conversation could not be more important when considering your options for home ownership.  There are two great reasons why:

1) On the preparatory levels, there are very specific boundaries laid throughout the county, which differentiate which students are to go to what school.  This could mean the difference between getting your kids into the school you want versus the one you got.

2) If you call home to a school district that you don’t prefer, and have to resort to funding private school for your children instead … then you mind as well consider repurposing that money to afford a larger, more spacious home in a better school district in the first place and have that extra money work for you while they learn.

Finally, this is a good starting point but let one of our experienced agents guide you through the oft personal and very empirical process of finding out what is important about being in a great school district to you and play matchmaker to any of the 100’s of options.

*Oh and as an added bonus to doing this homework?  Homes in the best school districts historically hold their value better so … let’s go ahead and call that a “double-double!”

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