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So you want to live in an area that supports a more conscious, Green lifestyle, or perhaps just buy a great home that already has Green features?

The GreenHouse Group- Green HomesLiving Green is a state of mind.  It’s also a state of environment (all puns intended).  Meaning, our environment largely dictates our behavior.  We flow in the direction of the people we hang out with, and if its important to you, than its equally important that the community and house we call home represents the “who” that we are as well.  As the old adage goes: “show me your home and I’ll show you what you are thinking about.”

The “who” that makes up the collective at The GreenHouse Group have been holding the green torch locally since before the torch of green real estate was even lit (click here for more on that history).  One of the things we are most passionate about is teaching folks about green features and benefits of a home (elements) and helping our clients aspire to live greener in their homes (behavior).  It’s a belief system and knowledge base that we have committed our professional lives to, our own personal homes and family practices to, even our corporate decisions around the office to.  So when it comes time to guide you through the process of finding a green home or living greener in the home you already have, you are at home with us here at The GreenHouse Group.

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