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So you want to live right in The City?

Live in the San Diego City

Live in the San Diego City

Well here’s where it gets fun!  San Diego has grown so much recently, and some of our biggest and fastest growth has been in The City.

This is a special type of transaction, requiring a unique blend of leadership with experiential capital.  The City is a separate real estate market in of itself.  Its extremely relationship based, you have to know people and you have to know the different buildings in order to have a shot getting there.  One of our strongest characteristics as a brand is our youth.  We have lived and roamed and worked and played in this city and watched it grow up right before our eyes.  In my last life, I worked downtown 6 nights a week and hung out with all the locals and befriended all the important players.  I draw heavily on that when consulting my clients on which areas are right now, which are coming up and which are going down.  Its also extremely beneficial to have a partner in this part of the conversation who can speak from experience when discussing lifestyle.  Time has proven that the avatar of client who is seeking a life in the city has a specific why, and knows what they are after.  The art is merging the where with the who and the why.

Let us help you buy a home that’s right in the City and we can start by looking for homes and lifestyle design in that area.  I’ve already set up the search tool above with the areas highlighted which will help get you started:

Enter the city, neighborhood, or Zip Code of interest below to populate a thorough LifeStyle Search report



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